[FOM] Imaginary numbers in logic

Jim Hardy jimhardy at isu.edu
Mon Nov 28 13:43:39 EST 2005

I'm writing a paper on the use of imaginary numbers in logic and am looking
for references I may have missed.


The only books I know of are G. Spencer Brown's Laws of Form and A. Stern's
Matrix Logic (and other more recent books by Stern).  I realize that both of
these books are of controversial merit, and would deeply appreciate pointers
to credible sources in the secondary literature.  ( I have the papers by
Louis Kauffman on Laws of Form.)


Beyond that I have some recent papers by Mizraji, Nguyen et al., and Ramot
et al.  that approach the subject from a computational/engineering


Does anyone know of references that I might be missing?  I'm particularly
interested in those that develop the subject from the standpoint of pure
logic or mathematics.




Jim Hardy

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