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There is, of course, non-commutative geometry, 
which is a sort of geometry (it is algebra, 
really) without an underlying space.
At 22:24 22-11-2005, you wrote:
>A. Mani wrote:
> > I would like to know of surveys in axiomatic theories of geometries
> > which do not allow for conceptions of points, lines and surfaces.
>There is a survey lecture on topology without points by Karl
>Menger in the Rice Institute Pamphlet, 1941 or thereabouts.
>He mentions Huntington, Milgram (A.N.), Moore (R.L.), Nicod,
>Stone, Wald, Wallman, and maybe some others I don't remember
>(Veblen?).  Stone and Wallman are probably mentioned in the
>Johnstone survey, but I don't recall having seen the others
>mentioned there.  I'm not sure if this is what you're after
>since these systems do allow for conceptions of points (though
>in each case the conceptions are derived and not primary) and
>they are aimed at topology.
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