[FOM] Geometry question

William Boshuck boshuk at math.mcgill.ca
Tue Nov 22 17:24:21 EST 2005

A. Mani wrote:
> I would like to know of surveys in axiomatic theories of geometries
> which do not allow for conceptions of points, lines and surfaces.

There is a survey lecture on topology without points by Karl 
Menger in the Rice Institute Pamphlet, 1941 or thereabouts. 
He mentions Huntington, Milgram (A.N.), Moore (R.L.), Nicod, 
Stone, Wald, Wallman, and maybe some others I don't remember
(Veblen?).  Stone and Wallman are probably mentioned in the 
Johnstone survey, but I don't recall having seen the others 
mentioned there.  I'm not sure if this is what you're after
since these systems do allow for conceptions of points (though
in each case the conceptions are derived and not primary) and
they are aimed at topology.

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