[FOM] proof in mathematics (correction)

paolo mancosu mancosu at socrates.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Feb 7 16:56:23 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,
The previous announcement contained an mistake in 
the contact address for Pierre Cassou-Noguès. 
Here is the correct announcement.
Apologies for the double submission.

Proof in Mathematics: Logical, historical, and 
philosophical approaches. 24-28 May, 2005, Lille, 
The goal of the meeting is to bring together a 
variety of prominent scholars engaged in the 
study of the notion of proof in mathematics and 
to create a forum in which different styles of 
analysis can come together and explore new 
possibilities of interaction. Invited speakers: 
J.Avigad, H.Bos, P.Cassou-Noguès, K. Chemla, F.De 
Gandt, J.P. Delahaye, M.Detlefsen, J.Dubucs, 
J.Ferreiros, M.Giaquinto, J.Gray, M.Hallett, 
D.Heyder, G.Longo, P.Mancosu, P.Martin-Löf, 
P.Nabonnand, M.Panza, F.Patras, J.Petitot, 
D.Prawitz, S.Rahman, J.M.Salanskis, S.Shapiro, 
G.Sundholm, J.J.Szczeciniarz, J.Tappenden, M.van 
Atten, F.Zalamea. Up to five doctoral students or 
recent Ph.D.s without permanent jobs can be 
offered room and board for the duration of the 
conference and the waiving of the registration 
fee (30 euros). To apply send by March 15 a CV 
with a brief description of your background and 
motivation to attend the meeting to Pierre 
Cassou-Noguès at 
pierre.cassou-nogues at univ-lille3.fr. Further 
information about the meeting can be requested 
using the same contact. The organizers are P. 
Cassou-Noguès (CNRS, Savoir et Textes, REHSEIS, 
Lille III), J. Ferreiros (University of Sevilla), 
P. Mancosu (U.C. Berkeley), M. Panza (CNRS, 
REHSEIS, Paris VII), J.M. Salanskis (Paris X, 

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