[FOM] proof theory class

Peter Cholak Peter.Cholak.1 at nd.edu
Mon Feb 7 16:39:00 EST 2005

We are planning to offer an class in proof theory given by Jeremy 
Avigad and Henry Towsner of Carnegie Mellon University, June 6-17, 
2005, M-F 10--11:30am and M-Th 1:30--3pm.  The course will be offer as 
a no fee no credit though Notre Dame's summer session.  The class is 
open to any anyone studying/working in logic.  We will ask all those 
attending the class to register with the summer session directly.  
Registration will be available March 16.

Registration with summer sessions allows one to get housing and meal 
plans on campus.  To sign up these housings and/or meals plans, one 
must first register with summer sessions and then send your snail mail 
to proof.1 at nd.edu and we will mail you back a form which you will fill 
out and return. We will need these completed forms by May 1.  Feel free 
to make other housing/meal plans. Please use proof.1 at nd.edu for any 
logistics issues about this class.

More complex is funding. We have at least 9K of funding available from 
the NSF, perhaps as much as 13K.  We have about 2.5K for foreign 
students.  We are capping local expense to $450.  We are willing to 
consider some travel costs.  The question is how to allot this money.  
There are at least 33 people interested in some sort of support.   One 
of our goals is to support as many as possible.

To apply for support one needs to write me short email stating how much 
you need and why, how much will be provided by your university/advisor. 
I also would like to know how many years you have been in graduate 
school, who is your advisor when will you finished, etc.  I would also 
like a short email from your advisor supporting your decision to attend 
this class and your proposal for funding.  Please send them directly to 
Peter.Cholak.1 at nd.edu by March 15. Funding decisions should be 
announced by April 1.

I would like to encourage everyone to apply for support in groups, if 
possible. For example, there might be a group of people who want to 
drive down from Madison and live together in a hotel.  Or you want 
share with your best buddy.  I am also open to proposals which allows 
me to support foreign students without paying them.  For example, 
perhaps you want to share a hotel room with a foreign student and have 
us reimburse you for the whole cost of the room.  Be creative.

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