[FOM] Indispensability of the natural numbers

Steven Ericsson-Zenith steven at memeiosys.com
Wed May 19 12:16:52 EDT 2004

Vladimir Sazonov provides the following metatheory:
> The actual nature of natural numbers (I mean - in general - not
> in concrete examples) is our thoughts of them. Our thoughts are
> sufficiently objective. We can communicate on them one with another.
> But our perception of our thoughts on N that this imagined entity
> is solid is our illusion.

And then says:
> I do not need any metatheory (as you suggest) to realize this,
> although I do not exclude the possibility that some metatheoretical
> considerations might illuminate some questions discussed here.

Is this not a contradiction?  It appear to me that you metatheorise.

With respect,

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