[FOM] Indispensability of the natural numbers

Vladimir Sazonov V.Sazonov at csc.liv.ac.uk
Wed May 19 10:37:41 EDT 2004

Steven Ericsson-Zenith wrote:
> Vladimir Sazonov said:
>> Mathematicians do not need to have
>>a metatheory. They just deduce their theorems (with the help
>>of some intuition, of course).
> ...
> and then said:
>>Whatever are our beliefs, the mental concept of the natural numbers
>>is something vague, anyway. It is only illusion of something solid.
> I would like to understand how you sustain this position since the 
> first appears - at least to me - to contradict the second position.

I do not see any contradiction.

> A metatheory would seem essential if you are to resolve the 
> inadequacies of "illusion" - for example, what *exactly* do you mean 
> by "illusion"?

I have no *exact* understanding of what illusion is.

According to Webster's English Dictionary in the Internet:
illusion is "perception of something objectively existing in such
a way as to cause  misinterpretation of its actual nature".

The actual nature of natural numbers (I mean - in general - not
in concrete examples) is our thoughts of them. Our thoughts are
sufficiently objective. We can communicate on them one with another.
But our perception of our thoughts on N that this imagined entity
is solid is our illusion.

I do not need any metatheory (as you suggest) to realize this,
although I do not exclude the possibility that some metatheoretical
considerations might illuminate some questions discussed here.

See also my answer to Timothy Y. Chow which probably should
clarify my position for you.

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> Sincerely,
> Steven
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> Dr. Steven Ericsson Zenith

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