[FOM] Binding Workshop-EXTENDED DEADLINE: March 26th

Philippe Schlenker schlenke at humnet.ucla.edu
Wed Mar 3 17:40:51 EST 2004


Workshop: Semantic Approaches to Binding Theory

organized as part of the
European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2004)
16-20 August, 2004 in Nancy

Workshop Organizers:
Ed Keenan, UCLA  (ekeenan @ ucla. edu)
Philippe Schlenker, UCLA & IJN (schlenke @ ucla. edu)

Workshop Purpose:

Binding Theory, which is concerned with sentence-internal constraints on
anaphora, was originally conceived in syntactic terms as a set of
conditions on the distribution of indices (Chomsky 1983). Thus Condition A
stated that anaphors are locally bound (*John/i thinks that himself/i is
clever); Condition B stated that Pronominals are locally free (*He/i likes
him/i), and Condition C required that R-expressions be free (*He/i thinks
that John/i is clever). But other researchers have attempted to derive these
constraints from lexical semantics or the interpretative procedure rather
than the syntax. Some add a semantic component to a syntactic core
(e.g.  Reinhart 1983, Heim 1993, Fox 2000, Buring 2002), but others are more
radically semantic (e.g. works by Jacobson, Keenan, Barker & Shan, Butler).

The workshop, which is intended for advanced PhD students and researchers,
will provide a forum to compare and assess these diverse proposals. We
welcome proposals for 45mn contributions (30mn presentation + 15mn
discussion), which should be specific, explicit and semantically informed.
We list below some possible topics, though the list is not exhaustive.

Possible Workshop Topics:
-Semantic analyses of standard Binding Conditions
-Arguments pro or contra semantic approaches to Binding Theory
-Relation between logophors and anaphors
-Relation between deixis and anaphora
-Cross-linguistic variation in binding conditions

Submission details:
Authors are invited to submit an abstract in pdf format describing their
proposal. Submissions should not exceed 3 pages. Please send your
submission electronically to schlenke at ucla.edu by *March 26, 2004* (extended
deadline). The abstracts will be reviewed by the workshop¹s program
committee. Please include author details in the accompanying e-mail, leaving
the pdf attachment anonymous.
Authors whose submission is accepted should be prepared to send later (by
May 15th) an extended (6-page) version of their abstract, to appear in the
workshop proceedings published by ESSLLI.

Workshop format:
The workshop is part of ESSLLI and is open to all ESSLLI
participants. It will consist of five 90-minute sessions
held over five consecutive days in the second week
of ESSLLI. There will be 2 slots for paper presentations
and discussion per session. On the first day, the workshop
organizers will give an introduction to the topic.

Invited Speakers:
Ken Shan (Harvard) & Chris Barker (UCSD)
Alastair Butler (ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam)

Workshop Program Committee:
Ed Keenan (UCLA)
Philippe Schlenker (UCLA & IJN)
Chris Barker (UCSD)
Ken Shan (Harvard)
Alastair Butler (ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam)
Important Dates: 
Notification: April 19, 2004
ESSLLI early registration: May 1, 2004
Preliminary program: April 23, 2004
Extended (6-page) version of the abstracts for the proceedings: May 15, 2004
Final program: June 25, 2004
Workshop dates: August 16-20

Local Arrangements:
All workshop participants including the presenters will be
required to register for ESSLLI. The registration fee for authors
presenting a paper will correspond to the early student/workshop
speaker registration fee.

There will be no reimbursement for travel costs and accommodation.

Further Information:
About the workshop:
About ESSLLI: http://esslli2004.loria.fr

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