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Dear Everett

I have references at home. Can add quotations tomorrow.
You can take a look at topology without points.

About phylosophy:

When Leibniz developed the Vortex Theory of the solar system, the idea of a
continuum fluid was not thought as in continuous mechanics -- in fact, the
reason why Leibniz was not able to develop a Vortex Theory of Gravitation is
the lack of mathematical foundations. Hermann Bondi did this job but with
current analysis obtaining the same observational results as General
Relativity for a Theory of Newtonian Cosmology.

Thus Leibniz was not able to explain Local Action on contrary of Action at a
Distance, developed by Newton. The metaphysical theory of Newton to explain
Gravitation was SENSORIUM DEI: sensorium day is somewhat pointless, a kind
of God' nervous system where the Supreme Divinity can perceive material
bodies and regulate their motions. This is described in OPTICS (I have the
book at home, can cite and quote tomorrow).

In fact, what I have in my hands in my office is Sensorium Dei by Jean
Zafiropulo and Catherine Monod, from where I can quote Newton's Principia (I
also have the latin version at home). «Cet admirable arrangement du soleil,
des planetes et des cometes, ne peut etre que l'ouvrage d'un etre
tout-puissant et intelligent. Cet ouvrage se controle par l'intermediaire du
Sensorium Dei...»

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