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Roger Bishop Jones rbj01 at rbjones.com
Sun Jun 13 15:25:06 EDT 2004

On Sunday 13 June 2004  8:51 am, Peter Smith wrote:

> I am thinking about putting together a web-page LaTeX FOR
> LOGICIANS, listing LaTeX resources of particular use to
> logicians writing papers or books on logical topics. I have
> googled around and don't think I'm about to reinvent the wheel
> here -- but if I am, please do let me know before I put in too
> much time on this!


> At this stage I'm very much open to suggestions; but I think
> we could have a small but useful resource here.

I don't know whether this kind of thing fits in the
scope of your proposed resource, but there are tool specific
LaTeX resources which go with various proof tools, so if
you want to do things formally and use a computer to "help"
with checking specifications and constructing and checking
proofs then you may well find that it will also help you
with producing LaTeX documents as well.

I can't say which other tools do this kind of thing,
but the tool which I use most is ProofPower, and this
does support the use of LaTeX documents containing formal
mathematics (from a kind-of-wysiwyg source document).

Examples of documents produced in this way can be found


ProofPower, with its document preparation facilities can be
found at the same site.

Roger Jones

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