[FOM] LaTeX for logicians

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jun 13 03:51:25 EDT 2004

Not bang on topic, but something of interest (I hope) to a fair number of 

I am thinking about putting together a web-page LaTeX FOR LOGICIANS, 
listing LaTeX resources of particular use to logicians writing papers or 
books on logical topics. I have googled around and don't think I'm about to 
reinvent the wheel here -- but if I am, please do let me know before I put 
in too much time on this!

I know about

    proof.sty      [layout natural deduction trees, as in Prawitz etc.]
    bussproofs.sty [Another package for the same]
    fitch.sty      [for Fitch-style proofs, by Johan Klüwer]
    fitch.sty      [for Fitch-style proofs, by Peter Selinger]
I don't know about any package written specifically for downward branching 
proof trees, Jeffrey-style. But -- though I haven't yet experimented -- I 
guess that

    qtree.sty      [written for syntax trees]
could perhaps be recruited (anyone tried this?).

Josh Parsons has written

    begriff.sty    [for setting Begriffsschrift style expressions]
And that's about it. So I'd plan to list these, and in each case provide a 
PDF of sample outputs, comments on ease-of-use etc.

So I'd very much like to know about other such useful style files: only two 
of the above are on CTAN, and it could well be that there are others out 
there that I haven't successfully googled to. And if anyone has LaTeX 
tricks or tips, bits of coding that neatly solve this or that problem and 
which they'd like to share with other logicians (or perhaps already do on 
their own site), just let me know (ps218 at cam.ac.uk).

At this stage I'm very much open to suggestions; but I think we could have 
a small but useful resource here.


Peter S.
Dr Peter Smith
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
www.logicbook.net | www.godelbook.net

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