[FOM] On the deductive inconsistency of a fundamental physical theory

Laura Elena Morales Gro. lemg at matem.unam.mx
Fri Jun 11 17:59:27 EDT 2004

If Apostoli had known that precisely 0=1 is encompassed
in SRT, he wouldn't be so surprised by his result. Even less
would he be making a fuss over what he had found. I haven't 
seen the paper he mentions, but it's a paradox in the theory 
that Einstein could handle without making it evident. It is 
as (classically) simple as that: the photon mass has to be
zero when at rest but cannot be so when in motion. But a photon 
can never be decelerated... It only travels, and will always do 
so, at the speed of light. 

And were him to consider the existence of tachyons, things would
get even worse.

The inconsistencies lie in our own conception of the world.

"Add one and get zero"


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