[FOM] On the deductive inconsistency of a fundamental physical theory

Peter John Apostoli apostoli at cs.toronto.edu
Thu Jun 10 10:09:24 EDT 2004

Dear FOM,

Recently the FOM list has entertained the possibility that some
fundamental mathematical theories (axiomatic set theory, arithmetic) may
be inconsistent.

Continuing with this theme (or rather extending it to physics), and
relating it to another recent thread on FOM regarding the logical foundations
of relativity theory, FOMers may be interested to know that
Special Relativity Theory has recently been shown to be
deductively inconsistent (i.e., classically trivial) in a new paper entitled

"Is relativity theory as simple as Einstein thought? On the deductive
inconsistency of a fundamental physical theory."

The paper uses high school math only to show that Einstein's assumption of
"zero mass photons" in SRT entails 0=1. The paper contains a
philosophical analysis of this result and raises question regarding the
acceptance of Einsteins inconsistent theory by the physics and philosophy
communities. It is available by request from the authors at
apostoli at cs.toronto.edu.

Profound Regards,

Peter A.

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