[FOM] Object-Oriented Formal Mathematical Languages

Jacques Carette carette at mcmaster.ca
Wed Apr 28 19:51:19 EDT 2004

Brian Postow <bpostow at union.edu> wrote:
> There are
> several object oriented models at the level of the lambda
> calculus. The $\varsigma$ calculus by Cardelli and Abadi and the
> $\lambda \&$ calculus by Castagna are two good places to start.  I
> wrote a survey article a few years ago that I'm still half heartedly
> trying to find a place to publish if you are interested.

Just to be precise: what I spoke about in my previous message where object-oriented models of mathematics, whereas the 
systems above are lambda-calculus models of object-oriented programming.  The two models above (ie $\varsigma$ and 
$\lambda \&$) are beautiful pieces of mathematics that nicely capture most (but unfortunately not all) of the essence 
of object-oriented systems.


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