[FOM] "Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and Analysis" in Pisa

Karel Hrbacek khrbacek at nyc.rr.com
Tue Apr 13 18:08:45 EDT 2004

International Congress  M.ARI.AN.2004
"Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic and Analysis"
June 25-26, 2004, Pisa, Italy.

This conference aims to bring together researchers working
on nonstandard models of arithmetics and researchers working
in nonstandard analysis. Invited speakers include:
V. Benci; A. Berarducci ; P. D'Aquino; A. Enayat;
K. Hrbacek; V. Kanovei; R. Kossak; A. MacIntyre;
J.P. Ressayre; D. Ross; J. Schmerl; C. Toffalori.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15, 2004.

There is no registration fee. For further information visit



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