[FOM] Platonism and Formalism

Vladimir Sazonov V.Sazonov at csc.liv.ac.uk
Mon Sep 29 16:13:43 EDT 2003

Haim Gaifman wrote:

> Platonists claim that there are objective
> mathematical facts, but they do NOT claim
> that such facts (or such interesting facts) are knowable
> to us.

It is interesting how did Platonists come to this claim that 
"there are objective mathematical facts" without knowing 
these facts? This claim is also a VERY STRONG KNOWLEDGE! 
Did somebody WHO knows all these facts told to Platonists 
this by a secret? WHO told them? Why to them, but not to me, 
a simple mortal? I guess, probably because they are not 
simple mortals. 

Is not this just a mysticism? And what relation to Science 
does all of this have? 

Vladimir Sazonov

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