[FOM] Weil's Rosetta Stone--translated into English

Martin Krieger krieger at usc.edu
Sun Sep 28 20:19:29 EDT 2003

In the interchange on Corfield's book, and John Baez's discussion of it,
there is a reference to Weil's Rosetta Stone analogy. The quotations come
from a charming and deep letter Weil wrote in 1940 to his sister, Simone,
from Bonne Nouvelle prison. In my book Doing Mathematics: Convention,
Subject, Calculation, Analogy (World Scientific, 2003) that long letter is
translated into English (see Appendix D, pp. 293-305). I also happen to have
a discussion of the analogy, in chapter 5 (pp. 189-230), in connection with
the Langlands program and with results in statistical mechanics of the Ising

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