[FOM] Am I a Platonist?

Ayan Mahalanobis amah8857 at brain.math.fau.edu
Tue Oct 28 16:46:02 EST 2003

Harvey Friedman wrote:

>Reply to Davis. The interchange seems to be a very good illustration of how
>you can sit a formalist (not me) and a Platonist (not me, but Davis) down,
>and have them look at the exact same phenomena, and come to opposite
I will take this opportunity to ask you, as one of the most respected 
mathematician and logician in U.S.
What is your personal preference about isms in mathematics?
I gather you are not a constructivist, not a formalist neither a platonist.
So where do you stand on this?
Second question is, Do you think that the first question is an important 


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