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Mon May 12 08:52:54 EDT 2003

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Dean Buckner wrote:

> If I assent to a proposition
> expressed in one language, then I assent to exactly the same
> proposition expressed in another language.  

That seems rash. 

"Isaac Newton is English" translates into French unproblematically 
as "Isaac Newton est anglais". 

"This sentence is in English": should that be "Cette phrase est en
anglais" or "Cette phrase est en francais", assuming that you wish to 
preserve truth-values ? 

The colloquial equivalent of "I like her" seems to be "Elle me plait" but
there has been a change of subject. 

Indeed after twelve years of living in countries where the local language
has been, variously, Polish, German, Catalan, Welsh, Castilian and French,
I start to wonder if translation between languages of any but the simplest
statements is at all possible.  

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