[FOM] Wittgenstein?

Torkel Franzen torkel at sm.luth.se
Thu May 1 16:27:23 EDT 2003

T P Uschanov says:

  >Well, simply that they are true within PA and not something else. For 
  >instance, the Peano axioms are true within PA, but it was not true that 
  >NaturalNo.(0) within the arithmetic I was taught at school.

  This is not an explanation of what you mean by "A is true within
PA". The Peano axioms are provable in PA, but this cannot be what you
mean by "true in PA", since you hold that we should say "There are
statements that are true within PA that cannot be proven within
PA". Is it possible to give an explanation of "A is true within PA"?

Torkel Franzen

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