[FOM] Wittgenstein?

T P Uschanov tuschano at cc.helsinki.fi
Thu May 1 10:09:08 EDT 2003

Torkel Franzen wrote:

>  >In other words, when one wants to say "There are statements that are
>  >true that cannot be proven within system S", one would be better off
>  >saying "There are statements that are true within system S that
>  >cannot be proven within system S".
>   Could you explain this further, say in the case where S is PA. What
> is meant by "A is true within PA"?

Well, simply that they are true within PA and not something else. For 
instance, the Peano axioms are true within PA, but it was not true that 
NaturalNo.(0) within the arithmetic I was taught at school.

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