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Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 01:24:40 +0400 (MSD)
From: "Yuri Matiyasevich" <yumat at pdmi.ras.ru>
                              International meeting
                           Second St.Petersburg Days of
                             LOGIC and COMPUTABILITY
                           devoted to the centennial of
                          Andrey Andreevich MARKOV (Jr.)
                               August 24-26, 2003
                             St.Petersburg, Russia
                              Second Announcement

  This second meeting in the series of St.Petersburg Days of Logic and
  Computability is devoted to the centennial of an eminent Russian 
  Andrey Andreevich Markov (Jr.). The main themes of the meeting are those
  connected with his mathematical interests:

          Theory of computability
            Decision problems in mathematics
            Models of computations
            Formal systems
          Foundations of mathematics
            Semantics of logical systems
            Constructive mathematics

          Sergei ADIAN (Russia)
          Sergei ARTEMOV (Russia/USA)
          Nikolai KOSSOVSKI (Russia)
          Maurice MARGENSTERN (France)
          Grigori MINTS (USA)
          Yuri MATIYASEVICH (Russia), the chairman
          Nikolai NAGORNY (Russia)
          Vladimir OREVKOV (Russia)
          Anatol SLISSENKO (France)

  Working LANGUAGE: English

  SUBMISSION of papers:
  The facilities of Atlas Mathematical Conference Abstracts will be used for
  this purpose. If you wish to present a paper, please submit an (extended
  abstract (in standard LaTeX, 10Kb at most) via
  following instructions on the site. In additon, you can send an extended
  version of your abstract to the Program Comittee.
  The deadline for submission was March 15, 2003. However, exceptionally, 
  can be submitted at a later date. Notifications (for papers submitted before
  March 15) are due before April 30.

  Abstracts of talks will be available on WWW and will be delivered to the
  participants in printed form. Full texts of selected lectures will be
  published as a special volume of Annals of Pure and Applied Logic (the
  proceedings of the First Days were published there as Volume 113).

  Please register via http://logic.pdmi.ras.ru/2ndDays/registration
  Participation FEE:
  The fee will cover common meals and coffee breaks. The fee equivalent to
  120USD can be paid on arrival.
  Location of the meeting:
  The "2nd DAYS" will take place at the Euler International Mathematical
  Institute (which is now a part of St.Petersburg Department of Steklov
  Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The building of
  the Euler Institute is located at 10, Pesochnaya embankment, St.Petersburg.

  This year St.Petersburg celebrates its 300th anniversary. Due to this event,
  it became more difficult than usual to get (relatively cheap) accomodation.
  The Organizing Committee made reservation with reduced price in hotel 
  for 7 single rooms (48-56 USD per night) and 4 two-bed rooms (62-69 USD per
  night) for August 23-27. This hotel is located in the very end of Nevsky
  Prospekt (the main avenue of the city), near underground station "Ploshchad'
  Alexandra Nevskogo". In the mornings special minibus will bring participants
  to the building of Euler Institute.
  If you are interested in living in hotel "Moscow" during the meeting, please,
  contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. Otherwise you can book
  an accomodation in some other hotel of St.Petersburg. The hotel nearest to
  Euler Institute is Palace of Youth.

  Please take into account that participants from most countries need a visa to
  enter Russia. After receiving your registration form the Organizing Committee
  will start preparation of a formal invitation which you will have to present
  with your visa application form at a nearby Russian Consulate. It may take a
  long time before you have your visa, so we strongly recommend that you
  register at least three months in advance.

          Website of the meeting : http://logic.pdmi.ras.ru/2ndDays
          E-mail: LogicDays at logic.pdmi.ras.ru
            7 (812) 310 53 77 (Program Committee)
            7 (812) 234 58 19 (Organizing Committee)

  Useful LINKS:
          The First Days of Logic and Computability:
          Euler International Mathematical Institute:
          St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics:
          Hotels Guide of St.Petersburg:
          All hotels in Russia: http://all-hotels.ru/index.en.html

More links can be found on the website of the meeting.

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