[FOM] 162:Two Quantifier Blocks

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Mon Mar 31 12:28:04 EST 2003

I proved that all 3 quantifier sentences in the primitive language of 
set theory (epsilon, =) can be decided in a weak fragment of ZF 
without the power set axiom. See

Three Quantifier Sentences, http://www.mathpreprints.com/math/Preprint/show/

for a complete proof of this result and various slightly stronger results.

I can now prove that all 2 quantifier block sentences in the 
primitive language of set theory (epsilon, =) can be decided in a 
weak fragment of ZF without the power set axiom. I.e., A...AE...E 
(or, if you like, AnEm).

One also gets information like this: if E...EA...A is true then there 
are hereditarily finite witnesses whose ranks are bounded by a 
reasonable function of the number of existential quantifiers.

I proved that there is a 5 quantifier sentence in the primitive 
language of set theory (epsilon, =) which is not decided in ZFC. In 
fact, the example is equivalent to the existence of a subtle 
cardinal, and is EAEEA. See

Primitive Independence Results, 

CONJECTURE: Various levels of set theory correspond, in some rigorous 
sense, to various syntactic classes in the primitive language of set 

Daniel Gogol had two papers in the 70's on this topic. I have 
politely commented about the second one:

D. Gogol, Sentences with three ¦uantifiers are decidable in set 
theory, Fundamenta Mathematicae, CII (1979), 1-8.

I have not commented on the first one:

D. Gogol, The AnE-Completeness of Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory, 
Zeitschrift f. math. Logik und Grundlagen d. Mathl, Bd. 24, 29-290 


I use http://www.mathpreprints.com/math/Preprint/show/ for manuscripts with
proofs. Type Harvey Friedman in the window.

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