[FOM] 180:Provable Functions of PA

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jun 16 00:42:13 EDT 2003

The provably recursive functions of PA have been well studied and are 
well understood. They are the <epsilon_0 recursive functions.

For the purposes of this posting, we will assume that PA has been 
formulated with primitive recursive function symbols. Also, here the 
Sigma_n and Pi_n formulas are those with n alternating quantifiers 
starting with an existential and universal quantifier, followed by a 
quantifier free matrix. The Delta_0, Sigma_0, Pi-0 formulas, are the 
quantifier free formulas.

In the general framework of this posting, the provably recursive 
functions of PA are the functions f:N into N which are given by a 
provable sentence in PA of the form

(forall n)(therexists unique m)(therexists r)(A(n,m,r))

where A is quantifier free.

I.e., the f:N into N such that there is a sentence of that form, 
provable in PA, for which f is the unique outer Skolem function.

More generally, for a natural class K of formulas, we wish to 
consider those f:N into N which are given by a provable sentence in 
PA of the form

(forall n)(therexists unique m)(A(n,m))

where A is in K.

We call such a function a PA provable K function. Thus the provably 
recursive functions of PA are the PA provable Sigma_1 functions.

If we omit the requirement that the sentence above is provable in PA, 
then we say that such a function is a K function. Thus the recursive 
functions are the Sigma_1 functions.

THEOREM 1. (Obvious). The Delta_0 characteristic functions are 
exactly the primitive recursive characteristic functions.

THEOREM 2. The PA provable Delta_0 functions are exactly the Delta_0 
functions that are bounded by a <epsilon_0 recursive function.

We now consider the PA provable Sigma_2 functions. The Sigma_2 
functions are exactly the functions that are recursive in 0'. These 
are also the same as the Delta_2 functions.

The first thing to realize is this.

THEOREM 3. Any recursive function is a PA provable Sigma_2 function.

This can be sharpened as follows.

THEOREM 4. Any function whose graph is a Boolean combination of r.e. 
sets, is a PA provable Sigma_2 function.

Now for the characterization.

THEOREM 5. The PA provable Sigma_2 functions are exactly the 
functions that are <epsilon_0 recursive in some Pi_1 function. In 
particular, we can use the function H(n) = the number of steps it 
takes for the n-th Turing machine to converge at the empty input tape 
if it exists; 0 otherwise.

More generally, we have the following.

THEOREM 6. Let k >= 1. The PA provable Sigma_k functions are exactly 
the functions that are <epsilon_0 recursive in some Pi_k-1 function.


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