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<< At the ASL meeting Boris Zilber gave a thought provoking Godel Lecture >>

I wonder if any others on this list have the same trouble I have looking up 
Kurt Gödel in the archives with a computerized "search function.  The 
contributors to FOM, who refer to him pretty consistently, can come to no consistent 
formula on the spelling of his last name.  Godel, Goedel, Go"del, Go/"del, 
sometimes even the mystifying internet artifact, G del.  Goedel's contemporary, 
Arnold Schoenberg, acquired a definite description and a single reference (except 
in 19thC Vienna municipal records), by renouncing his umlaut after moving to 
California.  Did Gödel/Goedel have a similar conversion on moving to 
Princeton?  Is there any way, given the internet's unpredictably intermittent hostility 
to diacriticals, that FOM can propose or impose an axiom on this matter?  Or 
are we, like arithmetic, doomed to choose between inconsistency and 

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must base ourselves and not on the space and time which we have no way of 
filling.  Let us therefore labor to think well: there is the principle of morality."
                                    —Pascal, Pensées (c1660) #200

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