[FOM] June 2003 issue of the BSL

Alasdair Urquhart urquhart at cs.toronto.edu
Fri Jun 13 15:34:04 EDT 2003

I'd like to call FOM subscribers' attention to
the recent issue of the Bulletin of Symbolic
Logic, and in particular to the group of 
six articles under the heading "New Programs and
Open Problems in the Foundations of Mathematics."
All of these articles are thought-provoking;
they are published versions of lectures and
responses to lectures at the Paris 2000 logic

Girard's article "From Foundations to Ludics"
is particularly provocative, as it starts with
the assertion that:

"For ages, not a single *disturbing* idea in
the area of "foundations": the discussion is sort
of ossified -- as if everything has been said ..." (p. 131)

and goes on to propose a kind of abstract proof theory --
the "ludic programme" -- as a source of "completely new
ideas; really shocking ones, the kind that receives at
best only polite reactions"  (p. 138).

I've read Girard's article a couple of times, but my grasp of
it is rather weak.  I see Harvey is proposing to review
it, as well as Angus Macintyre's article in the same issue.
I look forward to seeing his reviews.

I'd be glad, too, if other subscribers could help to elucidate
Girard's new programme.


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