[FOM] Hao Wang paper?

Jay Halcomb jhalcomb8 at attbi.com
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Would the paper by Wang which you are thinking of be: "The Formalization of
Mathematics", JSL 19 (1954) pp. 241-266? It has a discussion (in Section 7)
on the use of indenumerable sets in measure theory.

Jay Halcomb
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> Quite a long time ago I read a paper by Hao Wang, that quite impressed me.
> Alas I can't recall the title or publication it was in.  Can someone help?
> It would have been published around, I would guess, late 50's or early to
> 60's, possibly in JSL but this could be quite wrong.
> It concerned the matter of building up set theory, or perhaps the whole
> of math, in "stages" indexed perhaps by ordinals; not unlike the paper
> mentioned here recently by Dana Scott.
> But it had somewhat of a different emphasis than Scott's; it was concerned
> in particular with the matter of measure theory, and how this could still
> be done even though at all levels there were (seemingly) still only
> a countable number of members there.
> Does this ring a bell with anyone?  If so, please let me know the
> And if further, anyone has comments to make on it I would be delighted
> to hear them.
> Bill Taylor
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