[FOM] banks phd thesis on CAs (correction)

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Tue Sep 17 00:43:14 EDT 2002

hi all, sorry about that, in the behind-the-scenes
back-and-forth with moderator martin davis, 
part of the prior msg on this subject
got truncated. the interesting and pathbreaking
1971 banks phd thesis entitled

"information processing and transmission in CAs"

is available at the following url, also with other
MIT theses. thanks to MT for the tip. the thesis has some
of the earlier ideas on computation universality in 2d CAs,
and also minimization of CAs while retaining computation

also it was **burks** and not **banks** who edited & published
von neumann's CA notes, posthumously. in the book _theory of
self reproducing automata_, urbana: university of 
illinois press, 1996.

Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 08:38:00 -0500
To: vznuri at earthlink.net
From: Michael Thayer <ddharriman1 at attbi.com>
Subject: Cooks proof on universal CA's and earlier proofs

While Cook's proof may not still be available, Bank's earlier proof is:


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