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I got the reference completely wrong in last posting.  The paper by Crispin
Wright is really well worth reading, and is:

"Why Frege Does Not Deserve His Grain of Salt: a Note on the Paradox of "The
Concept Horse" and the Ascription of Bedeutungen to Predicates", in Grazer
Philosophische Studien 55, New Essays on the Philosophy of Michael Dummett ,
eds J.Brandl and P.Sullivan (Vienna: Rodopi) pp. 239-63

This might be difficult to get hold of if you have no access to "right sort
of library", but I believe it's reprinted in

The Reason's Proper Study
Essays towards a Neo-Fregean Philosophy of Mathematics
Bob Hale, Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy, University of Glasgow, and
Crispin Wright, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, and Wardlaw Professor,
University of St Andrews

which should be available.

There is a lot of material of varying quality on the ARCHE web site (st

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