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On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 08:53:36AM -0500, Franklin Vera Pacheco wrote:
>   I have an interesting observation related with arbitrary object.
> I have a friend that teach to some kids the basics things about computers.
> The first that he teach is how to set on the computer ie you turn on the 
> display and set on the motherboard.. <<But you can do this in an arbitrary 
> order>> (he says) Then surpricely the childs ask <<But in which order>>
>   This is not a cientific test but maybe can be taken as a proof that 
> childs do not have the notion of arbitrary objects..

On the contrary, I think a child who asks that question is one who takes
Fine's position quite seriously -- an arbitrary order is a particular
order in that view, albeit not a specific one. The child is following
this to the letter, and finds it very very weird...;)

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