FOM: Question on Text

Steve Stevenson steve at
Tue Sep 11 11:35:16 EDT 2001


Despite what's going on in the US at this instant, I have a question
about the standing of this text:

  author =	 {Richard {von Mises}},
  title = 	 {Probability, Statistics, and Truth},
  publisher = 	 {Dover Publications},
  year = 	 1981,
  note =	 {Original: copyright 1957 by George Allen \& Unwin
                  Ltd. ISBN 0-486-24214-5. QA273/V613 1981}

Von Mises was surely important up until Kolmogorov's work, or so says
the St. Andrews' bibliography on him. Local philosophers say he is not
particularly important to the philosophy of science.



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