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V.Z. Nuri vznuri at
Mon Jul 30 15:16:33 EDT 2001

hi all. I moderate a mailing list many of you may
be interested in. its more informal/casual 
than this one, as evidenced in my lowercase
prose (even occasionaly unruly by academic 
standards); we have lots of interesting/engaging
content. for the more adventurous &
less philosophical among you. a little on
the wind-in-your-hair "wild side", fair warning!!

I just ran across FOM looking for
info on the "standard model". one of our premiere
subscribers francisco antonio doria 
is working on a proof
that P=?NP is independent of PA and possibly ZFC.
he's posted various ideas &
his paper to our archives. he thinks
P=?NP will require a "large cardinal" hypothesis
to prove. robert solovay was on our list a bit
helping to dissect some of the ideas.

while this is not really my area 
I'm very impressed with the quality of dialogue
here & the topnotch researchers. I just
posted a link to FOM on theory-edge.
congratulations to dr. simpson on organizing/running 
a tight ship.

a few questions for everyone on the list, I 
will be very interested in any response:

- do you know of any good survey articles on
large cardinal hypotheses, the "standard model",
& the relationship
to complexity theory, computation etcetera

- if anyone has an opinion on whether P=?NP
is provable relative to PA or ZFC, I would
be interested to hear.

- also, I have been wondering a long time if
there is some result in computational complexity theory
related to the continuum hypothesis. any
ideas along those lines?

* * *

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The "theory-edge" mailing list is for informal, collegial 
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newsworthy cutting-edge or breakthrough developments, in the 
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We're particularly seeking elite scientists, academics,
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Past traffic is diverse. 1st priority items of interest are 
recent news reports or media coverage on fresh advances or 
breakthroughs in these areas and subscriber reaction/commentary 
to them. Its a gift economy--please post them when you run into 
them! And more and more, we've already heard and discussed
the cool news *before* it hits the mainstream outlets!

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Next, we're extremely interested in cutting-edge advances in 
computational methods, both on the applied and theoretical sides. 
A strong scientific component emerges from engaged and active 
subscribers. We've now had three major "open science", *world-class*
research projects and collaborations on the list. Its an exciting
treat to hear daily notes sent by researchers at the cutting edge!

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                         finite state machines    funding/grants
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Lots of cyber-synchronicity and synergy occurs among people's 
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researchers in the "same room"!

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                              genius <=> crackpots

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