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 Kurt Gödel Papers on microfilm IAS, Princeton, New Jersey
 "He is considered to be one of the greatest contributors to the field of
 Logic in the last century."
 IDC Publishers is happy to announce that the Institute for Advanced Study,
 Princeton, New Jersey, has selected IDC as its exclusive partner for
 distributing the papers of Kurt Gödel (1906-1978). The Gödel Papers on
 microfilm constitute a careful selection of material on c. 40 microfilm
 reels. This microfilm collection of Gödel's papers includes documents
 spanning his life, from 1906-1978. It includes notebooks, drafts,
 unpublished manuscripts, notes, and legal records.

 IDC Publishers is pleased to direct you to a specific survey form on our
 website, where you can give us your opinion of this upcoming release. The
 form also allows you to consult a description of the papers.
 Please direct your browser to, or click on:

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