FOM: Philosophia Mathematica

A.P. Hazen a.hazen at
Wed Jul 11 19:57:50 EDT 2001

If I may add something to Paul Ernest's note....
Some of you may have seen copies of "Philosophia Mathematica" before the
1990s and decided to ignore it.  The  journal was founded and for a long
time edited by an enthusiastic but eccentric scholar, and the journal had
many of the features we are familiar with in "self-published" work.  When
the founding editor retired, however, the journal came under the auspices
of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, who
set up a board of advisory editors (most of the names on the list would be
familiar to FoM people), and turned it into a referreed, and in my opinion
GOOD, journal... unfortunately, just about the time university library
serial-acquisition budgets stopped growing, so not many libraries get it.
Bottom line: don't be put off by ancient memories.  As journals go it's not
very expensive, and a personal subscription may be the only way to get it!
Allen Hazen
Philosophy Dept
University of Melbourne

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