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Fri Dec 7 06:30:11 EST 2001

information update about the:


               Auditorium S. Margherita, Campo S. Margherita
                         Venice, April 4-6, 2002

The first announcement can now be found, together with updated information, on the web page

Here follow the main variations with respect to the first announcement:

Invited speakers. The list of invited speakers now includes Bernhard Banaschewski, Martin Escardo, Henri Lombardi, Christopher Mulvey, Peter Johnstone, Erik Palmgren, Mike Smyth, Steve Vickers.
Tutorials.  One day, 3 April 2002, of tutorials by  Peter Aczel, Bernhard Banaschewski, Giovanni Sambin and Silvio Valentini.

Accomodation. Due to the number of requests, we booked two buildings, so that now the safe deadline for booking convenient accomodation is extended to 31 December 2001.

Important dates:
December 31, 2001 : early registration (with safe accomodation)
February 28, 2002: deadline for the submission of papers
March 15, 2002: program is decided
April 3, 2002: tutorials
April 4 - 6, 2002:  workshop
April 7: trip by private boat on the lagoon

Registration and accomodation. The form below must be sent to Damiano Macedonio, mace at 

Name and Family name:
E-mail address:
Date of arrival:                  Date of departure:
Kind of accomodation (if required):
low cost (Palazzo Zenobio, room with 3-4 beds, 15-30 euros each person)
double rooms (Fondazione Levi or Palazzo Zenobio, with bathroom, 40-60 euros each person)
single rooms (a very limited number of them is available) 

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