FOM: NF meeting

Thomas Forster T.Forster at
Wed Aug 15 11:50:13 EDT 2001

There is to be an NF meeting in Cambridge in the last week of
march 2002.  The timing is designed to coincide with the spring
break at - at least one - US campus, namely BSU whence Randall
Holmes will be speeding across the atlantic to talk about how
to do forcing in NF.  The other star attraction is Bob Solovay
who has agreed to come and talk about his results yielding 
large cardinals from assumptions about good behaviour of small
sets in NFU.
    This week I am filling in an application for funding from
the London Mathematical Society, and i need to be able to give
them a plausible estimate of numbers.  If you are interested
in coming, do reply to this message. Offers of papers welcome.
I shall have to ask for a conference fee (The LMS expects
organisers to do this!) but it won't be huge.  I'm planning
to put people up in guest rooms in colleges near the Maths
dept (where the meeting will be) and these shouldn't be more
than about 25stg a night.
   As i say, i'd like an early indication of numbers, so do
reply if you think you might come.  I'll provide any needed
extra info separately, to keep this short!

             Thomas Forster

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