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Tue Aug 14 14:48:39 EDT 2001

                  PhD EuroConference

                      FotFS III

        Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science

                   Universitaet Wien
              Institut fuer Formale Logik

              September, 21st to 24th, 2001

The conference will be organized in six sections:

      (A) Descriptive Set Theory and Core Models 

            Ralf Schindler (Vienna): 
                 "Models of set theory and their use"
            Marc van Eijmeren (Bonn):
                 "Refinements of the constructible hierarchy"
            Jindra Zapletal (Gainesville FL):
                 "Descriptive Set Theory and Forcing"

      (B) Topology and Analysis 

            Joerg Brendle (Kobe):
                 "Recent Developments in Iterated Forcing Theory"
            Sandra Quickert (Bonn):
                 "Sacks forcing and the Sacks property"
            Peter Schuster (Munich):
                 "What Makes the Difference? A Constructive Critique of
            Riccardo Camerlo (Torino):
                 "Classification problems in analysis and topology"

      (C) Models of Computation 

            Joel Hamkins (New York NY):
                 "Infinite Time Turing Machines"
            Philip Welch (Vienna):
                 "Determinacy and Post's Problem for Infinite Time Turing
            Andris Ambainis (Berkeley CA):
                 "Quantum algorithms and lower bounds for them"

      (D) Complexity Classes in Computer Science 

            Helmut Veith (Vienna):
                 "Complexity in Automated Verification"
            Oliver Kutz (Leipzig):
                 "On the decidability and complexity of languages for 
                  talking about metric spaces"
            Stefan Dantchev (London):
                 "Existential Second Order decision problems on 
                  graphs: Lower bounds, Complexity gaps, Time-Space
            Elvira Mayordomo (Zaragoza):
                 "Hausdorff dimension and Complexity Classes"

      (E) Algorithms 

            Petra Berenbrink (Warwick):
                 "Scheduling for Parallel Data Servers: on Balls-into-Bins
            Lars Engebretsen (Cambridge MA):
                 "Using Easy Optimization Problems To Solve Hard Ones"

      (F) Complexity in Algebra and Universal Algebra 

            Szabolcs Mikulas (London):
                 "Axiomatizability of algebras of relations"
            Makoto Kikuchi (Kobe):
                 "On Information about Classifications in Channel Theory"
            Markus Blaeser (Luebeck):
                 "Algebras of minimal rank: recent developments"
            Martin Grohe (Edinburgh):
                 "The complexity of generalized model-checking problems"

  All talks will be given to a general audience of mathematicians,
logicians, computer scientists, philosophers and linguists. Since we
intend to promote genuinely interdisciplinary joint work, we would like to
have talks that are neither general surveys nor specialized research
announcements, but presentations of problems and techniques.

  FotFS III is a PhD EuroConference in the European Community program
"Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge Base
- High-Level Scientific Conferences" and a satellite meeting of the 15.
OeMG-Kongress (Sep 16-21 in Vienna;

  We shall collect a conference fee of ATS 750 (= $ 50) covering material
and other expenses. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the
organizers via

                       fotfs at

All the very best,

Benedikt Loewe (Bonn)
Boris Piwinger (Vienna)
Thoralf Raesch (Potsdam)

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