FOM: Goedel Collected Works

Alasdair Urquhart urquhart at
Sun Oct 15 12:15:03 EDT 2000

In reply to Thomas Foster's query, there
are currently three volumes of the Collected Works.
The preface to the third volume (1995) says that
there will be a fourth volume with a selection of
his correspondence together with a full inventory of
his Nachlass.

I believe there were originally plans to publish some of
the material in the Gabelsberger shorthand notebooks,
but the preface to Volume III does not mention this.
This is understandable but also a little disappointing to
me as I have always been curious as to how far Goedel
got with the independence of AC and CH from set theory.
I've asked various people connected with the project about
this over the years, and I have had conflicting answers --
the published literature on this question is not helpful, though
Goedel himself made quite strong claims in the 1981 JSL article
by Hao Wang that is a kind of "authorised summary" of his
scientific career.

Alasdair Urquhart

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