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 From: "Joel David Hamkins" <jhamkins at>
 Subject: MAMLS in New York City this December 1 & 2
 Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 12:06:54 -0400
     The City College of CUNY, New York, NY
      Friday, December 1 and
      Saturday, December 2, 2000
     Karel Hrbacek (CCNY) and
     Mauro Di Nasso (Univ. of Pisa and CCNY)
 A meeting of MAMLS (Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar) devoted to
 developments in the axiomatic approaches to the foundations of Nonstandard
 Analysis and related topics will take place at City College of New York,
 138th St. and Convent Ave., New York, NY 10031.
 The objective is to bring together some of the contributors in this area and
 provide an overview of the current state of research. The conference will
 start with a lunch in the Faculty Dining Room, and a dinner will be
 organized for Friday evening.
 The following is the list of expected speakers as of now:
 D. Ballard (Sonoma State University)
 M. Di Nasso (University of Pisa and CCNY)
 A. Enayat (American University)
 H. Friedman (Ohio State University)
 E. Gordon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
 K. Hrbacek (CCNY)
 R. Jin (College of Charleston)
 R. Kossak (CUNY Graduate Center and BCCNY)
 The final list of speakers, schedule of talks, instructions for getting to
 CCNY and further information will be given in the next announcement.
 MAMLS is supported by the National Science Foundation through a grant
 administered via the CUNY Research Foundation. This meeting is also
 partially supported by City College.
 Unfortunately accommodations in Manhattan are in short supply and VERY
 especially before Christmas. We strongly recommend you to make reservations
 immediately. Of course there are many high quality hotels in NYC to choose
 (consider around $250 or more per night). The hotels listed below are
 probably among the least expensive available, around $100 per night. Some
 have shared bathrooms. One could cut expenses further by sharing a room.
 MALIBU HOTEL, 2688 Broadway / 103rd St., 212-222-2954
 WEST SIDE INN, 237 W 107th St., 212-866-0061
 GRAND UNION HOTEL, 34 E 32nd St., 212-683-5890
 LARCHMONT HOTEL, 27 W 11th St., 212-989-9333
 HOTEL NEWTON, 2528 Broadway / 95th St., 212-678-6500
 For the young at heart, the least expensive option (about $30) is a
 dormitory bed in one of the hostels (some have 2-bed dorms). Here too an
 early reservation is highly recommended.
 891 Amsterdam Ave. / 103rd st.,
 JAZZ ON THE PARK, 36 W 106th St., 212-932-1600
 PARKVIEW HOTEL, 55 Central Park North / Lenox Ave., 212-369-3340
 Support for graduate students:
 It is the policy of MAMLS to reimburse graduate students a flat amount of
 $25. Requests by graduate students for additional support will be handled on
 an individual basis. All such requests are best submitted electronically to
 the conference organizers, whose email addresses are listed below.
 For further information, send email to nst2000 at
 or contact the organizers:
 Karel Hrbacek: (212) 650-5101, hrbacek at
 Mauro Di Nasso: dinasso at
 This conference:

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