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>In the absence of the axiom of choice, the most useful of the
>inequivalent definitions of finite set is: a set that is
>with a von Neumann ordinal less than the first limit ordinal.
In the
>absence of the axiom of infinity, change that to: not greater
than or
>equal to any limit ordinal.  This is a pretty specific notion
>finite set, and it allows you to derive the standard

KP> You could add some foundational flavour to this definition
by putting it in the following equivalent way:  a set is called
finite, iff it can be doubly-well ordered, i.e. if it can be
ordered in such a way that each non-empty subset contains both
minimum and maximum element. You can introduce this definition
long before you develop the ordinal stuff. This trivial
modification makes set theory more natural for students.

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