FOM: small category theory

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Mon May 24 20:02:29 EDT 1999

Dear Professor Herrlich,

Till Mossakowski 24 May 1999 21:49:25 posted on FOM your reply to my
comments on the Herrlich-Strecker and Adamek-Herrlich-Strecker books
vis a vis foundations of category theory.  Thanks very much for your
reply.  Please do subscribe to FOM and join the discussion, after your

In the meantime I will try to understand your remarks about why
category theory cannot get along without proper classes.  

You mentioned the concept of a large category ``having products''.
Wouldn't it make just as much sense to talk about a small category of
cardinality lambda having all products of cardinality less than
lambda?  It seems to me that devices of this kind would enable
category theory to get along without proper classes.

-- Steve Simpson

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