FOM: Conway's foundational ideas

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Tue May 18 16:41:32 EDT 1999

Olivier Gerard writes:
 > why on earth don't you put this thread in copy
 > to John, or at least invite him to join the FOM list ?

I don't know John H. Conway personally.  I do know that he is aware of
the FOM list.  Harvey Friedman put him on FOM for a while at the
beginning, in September 1997, but he never posted anything, and after
a few days he unsubscribed.  Then in December 1997 I included him in a
list of prominent people that I invited to subscribe, but he didn't do
so.  I would be very glad if he would participate in FOM.

If anyone here knows Conway, please ask him to subscribe to FOM and
join the discussion.  Tell him that the recent postings on his
foundational ideas are archived publicly at, as are all FOM postings.  The
postings are searchable by keyword.

-- Steve

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