FOM: Conway's foundational ideas

Olivier Gerard ogerard at
Tue May 18 16:00:39 EDT 1999

On 5/18/99, at 7:29 PM +0200, Stephen G Simpson wrote in part:

> But Conway in 1976 gave no sign of being aware of this very well known
> and relevant and important f.o.m. research.  Instead he preferred to
> grandstand.
> I call this f.o.m. amateurism.  What do you call it?
> By the way, does anyone know what Conway's subsequent posture on these
> issues has been?  Did he issue any kind of retraction or apology?

Dear Steve,

John Horton Conway is alive and kicking, on the net, and often
express himself in mailing lists such as [HM] and even in my
tiny SeqFan mailgroup.

You can email him at conway at

Considering that you usually stand by your opinions, are not
afraid of anyone and welcome scholarly debate on this list,
why on earth don't you put this thread in copy
to John, or at least invite him to join the FOM list ?

It's odd to make personal comments on a great researcher
in a public place (at least to academics) without giving him
the opportunity to comment, isn't it ?

If you want to know his current "posture", is not the best way
to ask him directly ?


Olivier Gerard

GMPIB - Universite Paris VII

and Institut Marin Mersenne

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