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Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Fri Mar 19 17:26:14 EST 1999

Stewart Shapiro 18 Mar 1999 16:05:46 writes:

 > I am flattered at all the discussion my book on second-order logic
 > has generated (positive and negative).  I have been trying to keep
 > up, and jump in, but I find myself swamped under on several fronts

Thanks very much for getting involved in the FOM discussion, even if
you don't have time to contribute extensively.

 > Some folks on this list said that my reply to critics article is
 > not readily available -- if your campus does not get Philosophia
 > Mathematica.  If anyone wants a reprint, send me your snail
 > address.

Thanks also for that offer.  I have already requested your reprint,

 > Sorry I can't get further into the substance.  I will try.

To my mind, the most urgent thing for you to explain here on the FOM
list is your anti-foundationalism.  What is foundationalism, and why
are you and so many other academic philosophers so down on it?

-- Steve 

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