FOM: Foundations without foundationalism

Stewart Shapiro shapiro+ at
Thu Mar 18 16:05:46 EST 1999

I am flattered at all the discussion my book on second-order logic has
generated (positive and negative).  I have been trying to keep up, and jump
in, but I find myself swamped under on several fronts:  trying to write a
new book (a primer in the philosophy of mathematics) and prepare for my
son's bar mitzvah.  I will try to get to it soon, hopefully before everyone
gets tired of the subject.

I just heard from Oxford that they are going to issue the book in
paperback, later this year, I think.  So if anyone has any minor
corrections (typos), please send them to me.  I don't think they will let
me do any major changes (like clear up the ambiguities that have been

The reviews have been generally positive.  Some have complained that there
are reasons to favor first-order logic even if one is not a foundationalist
(my attempt to be trendy).  I acknoledge this in the PM article that has
been discussed.  My orientation is more eclectic than the subtitle might

Some folks on this list said that my reply to critics article is not
readily available -- if your campus does not get Philosophia Mathematica.
If anyone wants a reprint, send me your snail address.

Sorry I can't get further into the substance.  I will try.

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