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Mon Jan 25 20:03:52 EST 1999

Wadsworth Publishing has agreed to do a wall-poster version of the
timeline that will appear in the second edition of Computability by
Carnielli and Epstein.  We want to add photos of some logicians to it,
but are having difficulty finding certain of them.
	If you have a photo (head shot is best, or one that we can scan and
trim to a headshot) and are willing to let us use it, that would be
great.  I'm going to be away from home until mid-March, so if you have a
photo or if you contact someone who does, can you send it to:

Jerry Holloway (Epstein Wall Poster)
10 Davis Drive
Belmont, CA  94002

Of course we'll return the photo.

Photos still needed of the following:

Richard Dedekind
Georg Cantor
Giuseppe Peano
L. E. J. Brouwer  (prefer one from 1900-1930)
Thoralf Skolem  (prefer one from about 1920)
Emil Post  (prefer one from 1920 to 1935)
Kurt Gödel (the frontispiece one from Vol.1 of Collected works?)
David Hilbert (the postcard from 1912?)
Wilhelm Ackermann
Alfred Tarski  (prefer one prior to 1945)
Mojsesz Presburger
Arend Heyting
Rozsa Peter
Alonzo Church  (prefer one from 1930 to 1945)
Stephen Kleene  (prefer one from 1935 to 1945)
Alan Turing
Laszlo Kalmar
Andre Andreevich Markov
Julia Robinson
Errett Bishop

You can continue to reach me by e-mail at this address.  Many thanks.   
Richard L. Epstein

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