FOM: Biographical information about logicians

V. Yu. Shavrukov vys1 at
Wed Jan 20 01:09:56 EST 1999

>On 18 Jan 1999, Richard L. Epstein wrote:
>| For a timeline on the history of computability, I would be very
>| grateful for the following information>|
>| A. A. Muchnik     He published in Russian, but what is his
>| nationality? What are his dates (birth, death?)

Julio Gonzalez Cabillon <jgc at>:

>As far as I can tell, Andrei A. Muchnik was/is at the _Institute of New
>Technologies_, 10 Nizhnyaya Radischewskaya Moscow, Russia 109004.
>Email: amuchnik at (still working?)

There are at least two Muchniks about computability.
There is Muchnik senior of the Friedberg-Muchnik theorem.
As far as I can remember his full name, it is
Albert Abramovich Muchnik (nationality: Russian/Jewish).
Then there is his son, Muchnik junior whose name is
Andrei (Albertovich), who sometimes signs his papers
as An.A.Muchnik.  Muchnik senior was certainly alive
in 1990 and may very well  still be.


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