FOM: Biographical information about logicians

Julio Gonzalez Cabillon jgc at
Tue Jan 19 11:45:32 EST 1999

On 18 Jan 1999, Richard L. Epstein wrote:

| For a timeline on the history of computability, I would be very
| grateful for the following information:
| Heinrich Behmann    What was his nationality?


| A. A. Muchnik     He published in Russian, but what is his
| nationality? What are his dates (birth, death?)

As far as I can tell, Andrei A. Muchnik was/is at the _Institute of New
Technologies_, 10 Nizhnyaya Radischewskaya Moscow, Russia 109004.
Email: amuchnik at (still working?)

| Axel Thue    What was his nationality.

Norwegian (He was born in To"nsberg).

| The work is already in page proofs, so I need this information as
| soon as possible.  I will be grateful for any assistance.
| Richard L. Epstein
| arf at


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