FOM: The Logic and Set Theory list (the LoST list)

Bart Kastermans bkaster at
Tue Aug 24 14:11:51 EDT 1999

The fom list is a place for discussion about foundations of mathematics.
I would like to bring another place for discussion under everyones
attention.  I have a list, the LoST list, for discussion about Logic and
Set Theory.

Short History of the LoST list.

The LoST list came into existence as a forum for discussion related to a
Master Class in Mathematical Logic organized by the Mathematical Research
Institute.  This master class has now ended and discussion on LoST has
fallen silent.

What kind of list is LoST.

LoST is a non-moderated list where subscription is moderated.  This means
the list owner, that would be me, has to approve subscriptions, but after
that mailing is non-moderated.  (see also the info file that has been
appended below)

What good would LoST be to fom members.

LoST is currently a completely silent list (there has been no mail in more
than a month), but all software is in place.  So lets use it for our good.
LoST could be a place to discuss all kinds of logic issues, also for
discussions on a more elementary level than is currently done on fom
(although I hear this is also welcome on fom) and discussions on non-
foundational issues.

How to subscribe.

Send a mail to majordomo at containing subscribe lostlist.
Then I will reply with a mail, very similar to the one you get when
requesting a subscription to fom.  So you have to give some credentials.
In this case, since to be allowed to fom you already had to do that, I
will subscribe anyone requesting a subscription who is already on fom
without question (if you still get a mail, just tell me you are on fom; I 
probably missed you in the list of subscribers (there does not seem to be 
any particular ordering of this list of subscribers)).

Bart Kastermans

************************ the LoST list info file *********************

Last changes: 02-02-1999

                L            SSS   TTTTT
                L           S        T
                L     ooo    SSS     T
                L    o   o      S    T
                LLLL  ooo    SSS     T

This file contains all kinds of things I think might be relevant to people
on the LoST mailing-list.

First of all, if you are new to the list, welcome.

This is a list for discussion about _Lo_gic, _S_et _T_heory and related
issues.  Mailing to the list is unmoderated, however I (the list owner)
will be reading the list and excesses will be noted and acted on.

To all requests to subscribe to LoST I will respond with:
You have requested a subscription to LoST.  LoST is a closed mailing
list, i.e. subscription has to be approved by me, the list owner.
Are you a student or professional in this area?  Do you have a web site
or something so that I could get some idea who you are?  (It is also
possible to just send me some information about yourself).

Bart Kastermans

LoST is a non-moderated list.  I am not responsible for anything on the
list.  No guarantee to correctness or usefulness of information can be
given.  If you do not like this please do not subscribe, or unsubscribe.

I will be very easy in approving subscription requests.

A help file about how to use the list-server can be obtained by sending
a mail to majordomo at with contents


To post a message to LoST, send e-mail to

     lostlist at

Please observe normal e-mail etiquette and remember that your message
will be seen by a large (at least I hope it will) number of people.
The following standards apply:

    a. Make sure the mail has a descriptive subject.

    b. Only use plain ASCII text.  If you have any other files to be made
       available you can either tell people to mail you and then you
       can send them the file or make the file available via FTP or via
       a home page.  And if none of these methods are possible for you,
       you can send the file to me and I will make it available via my

    c. Keep the discussion for as long as it can be relevant to others
       on the list.

    d. "Thank you" need not be send and if it is send, do not send it
       to the list.

    e. In discussing exercises please spoiler answers. (write the word
       SPOILER, then leave approx. 15 lines empty and only then give the

    f. Mails should be in English (or like mine: something approaching

    g. If something happens that violates any of the standards please
       mail me personally.  Do not sent mail about this to the list.

    h. If you think these standards are not complete or incorrect in some
       way please mail me and we can discuss it.

The device should be: if it is not related to math, do not mail about it
to the list. 

I think mail on the list should be related to math and not be about the list.

The LoST-list archiving is at

Any questions/complaints/remarks can be mailed to me (bkaster at and
I will react ASAP.

Bart Kastermans

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