FOM: Simpson't pointless persistent misinterpretation of Hersh

Reuben Hersh rhersh at
Wed Sep 30 19:50:36 EDT 1998

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Stephen G Simpson wrote:

> Reuben Hersh writes:
>  > Your presenting me with an impressive list of achievements
>  > in foundations does not compel me to say I disagree with any of
>  > them.
> and
>  > I'm impressed by your 85% result, ....
> If you are impressed by these things, then why do you say that my
> critique of your remarks against foundationalism is pointless?  One of
> the points of my critique is that you need to take account of the
> achievements of foundationalism.  If you don't do so, then your
> remarks against foundationalism are pointless.
> -- Steve 
> Name: Stephen G. Simpson
> Position: Professor of Mathematics
> Institution: Penn State University
> Research interest: foundations of mathematics
> More information:
I am impressed by constructive work of fom.  (But this doesn't change
	you endless accusation that I am hostile to fom, does it?

I am not impressed by your wild diatribes about demonizing and
 incarnate evil etc.

My consolation is that you make the same unrestrained attacks on people
who think categories help with foundations, and on people who say
Boolean algebra instead of Boolean ring (or was it versa vice?)

So I don't worry about how you misinterpret, distort, misunderstand,
accuse, etc.  I'm pretty sure it's just the way you are.  

You don't bother me at all.

Reuben Hersh

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